A great opportunity

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a country rich in culture and business opportunities, has recently opened its doors to the world.

There is no better country in the world today for business start-ups, possessing an undeveloped economy and enjoying enlightened and far-sighted government.

Considerations of this kind led to the birth of Sauditaly, which was formed to offer first-rate services and the best opportunities for growth available to the Italian business community for at least 50 years!

About Sauditaly

Tiziana Corradini - CEO of Sauditaly

My name is Tiziana Corradini. I founded Sauditaly with the express purpose of supporting and helping Italian entrepreneurs wishing to start business activity in this magnificent land and be the first to bring Italian excellence to Saudi Arabia. It’s a project from my heart, designed to help Italians seeking to do high-level business in a virgin and unexplored economic environment undergoing constant transformation and evolution.

I have formed numerous contacts and important relationships that mean I can help you and your business to find success in this fantastic country.

I offer a high quality service, accompanying you at every step and lending a helping hand whenever problems arise. You will have the certainty of knowing that you can count on a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience helping people like you to avoid pitfalls as they begin operations in this land of immense potential. To operate successfully in a foreign country, particularly in an unfamiliar and unique environment such as Saudi Arabia, it’s essential to be able to rely on a knowledgeable and well connected local agent.

An agent who can handle all the unforeseen snags that can crop up during the complex journey towards opening a new company in this country, anticipating and resolving obstacles even before they arise.

Why open up in Saudi Arabia?

Only recently has this amazing and surprising country opened its doors to external entrepreneurs. Even tourism did not exist before October 2019. This is still a largely unknown country, an unmined vein of gold with immense potential.

It possesses fabulous natural and rural scenery and is a showcase of Arabian architecture, home to impressive cities with a futuristic vision and pioneering, avant-garde infrastructures.

It has a population of over 34 million highly intelligent and cultured inhabitants eager to find in their own country the opportunities, resources and quality products that foreigners can offer.

In particular, the people of this region adore Italy and all things Italian. Our style, products and know-how are especially appreciated. There are economic pressures in Saudi Arabia contributing to demands for the development of Italian products and services.

There is a desire for ITALIAN products.

A land of immense present and future potential

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, often abbreviated as KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), has a population of 34 million. Rich and economically powerful, it has not been exposed to foreign economic influence.

The Government of this great nation is headed by the Absolute Monarch and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and his deputy and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdal-Aziz Al Saud, a person of immense culture and enlightened vision.

The Prince himself conceived the bold “Vision 2030” project for an Ambitious Nation. Created, in his own words: “with the desire to guide citizens towards new aspirations and a new phase of development, to create a vibrant society in which all citizens can realize their dreams, hopes and ambitions to be successful in a thriving economy”.

The Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman

In the Prince’s enlightened vision, the programme for the realisation of Vision 2030 proceeds from steps that can quickly lead to improvements in the style and quality of people’s lives. It aims to develop a complete ecosystem able to create and support new options that constantly encourage active participation by citizens and all residents of the Kingdom in cultural, environmental and sporting activities, not only the economic.

This is in addition to the many other activities already contributing to constant improvement in the quality of life of individuals and families by creating jobs, diversifying and enriching economic activity, and raising the status of Saudi Arabian cities to rank among the best in the world.

This land, rich in history and culture, growing and blossoming, now more than ever offers incomparable opportunities. And it is now opening its doors to those from outside who wish to start a new and flourishing professional and personal life here.

These are some of the things currently providing a powerful impetus to the Kingdom’s growth:

  • The release of massive state resources to help the private sector flourish
  • Privatisation of most Government Services
  • Guarantees of training in an advanced capital market
  • The ability of financial institutions to support private sector growth
  • Promotion and enablement of financial, retirement and savings planning
  • Increased public participation in sport and athletic activities, achievement of regional and global excellence in professional sports
  • Development of entertainment opportunities to meet the needs of the population
  • Transformation of the Kingdom into a leading industrial power and an international logistics platform in a range of promising areas, with a focus on four key sectors: industry, mining, energy and logistics

What Sauditaly can do for you!

Sauditaly guarantees you the benefit of a vastly experienced Agent with extensive people skills working alongside you in the person of Tiziana Corradini. She is a highly experienced entrepreneur supported by a skilled team of Italian and Saudi professionals.

They make up a solid and reliable company that has long demonstrated an ability to effectively support the entrepreneur seeking to explore these new frontiers.

It is not only the bureaucratic aspects that Sauditaly handles, although it caters for all these. But above all, we support you and accompany you step by step as you learn to negotiate this unfamiliar social environment, helping you to build friendships and professional relationships that will ensure your business venture becomes a solid reality destined to endure and grow over time!

Here are just some of the particular practical and bureaucratic aspects in which we assist you personally and which in many cases we can handle directly on your behalf.




  • Advice on the type of business to be set up
  • Securing licensing and registration agreements with Government Bodies in order to obtain all necessary documents and certifications (Sagia, IQAMA, MCI, COC, MOL, residence, visa, notarial deeds etc.)
  • Welcoming international visitors and providing any necessary assistance


  • Identification of the best location for offices, factory and showroom, and management of bureaucratic procedures with local institutions
  • Staff registration and recruitment (both local and foreign)
  • Work permits, medical care, housing, insurance and all other HR-related activities


  • Renewal of licences and Government permits
  • Safety and Health Insurance
  • Employee support, visas, work permits, travel and all other HR-related activities
  • We represent your Company before Government Bodies and act on your behalf to resolve any business-related problems or issues, or other legal situations


  • Reduction of market penetration times and marketing costs thanks to our network of professional contacts allied to a deep knowledge and experience of operating locally in Saudi Arabia
  • Assistance in staff recruitment, including management personnel and sales representatives

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