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I am Tiziana Corradini, I live in Dubai in close contact with professionals and entrepreneurs who are seeking new opportunities for development.

Moving to Dubai is the dream of many people and that’s why this wonderful land offers unrivalled possibilities to grow and succeed.

OutstandingLife provides assistance related to financial, legal and commercial matters through a constant support in all stages of the process: from the collection of the required documents for the relocation, to the first invoice issuing, through the strategic plan to grow your business. In a world economy that is becoming increasingly open and integrated, moving your company to another country that offers the best conditions may prove to be a winning choice.

Tiziana Corradini, CEO of the OutstandingLife International FZC

Why moving to Dubai?

As I said, moving to Dubai is the dream of many people: wonderful climate, zero crime, and great business growth opportunities. It is no mystery that in recent years more and more entrepreneurs have chosen to relocate right here, in this country that has a lot to offer.

For those people who don’t have the sensitivity to comprehend the existence of a different scenario from their own, this dream might become a true nightmare: different bureaucracy, different language and different tradition.

At this point, you might ask:

"Is it worth it?"

The answer is “Yes”, under certain conditions. 

WARNING: there are many professionals, both in Italy and in other countries, who seem to offer you a similar service. I strongly advise you to beware!

Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to do business in Dubai or to launch a start-up in the UAE, distrust the following interlocutors:

1) someone who performs other activities beside internationalization in UAE; 

2) someone who is not present and does not work on a daily basis in the territory.

I tell you this, because my help in financial, legal and business matters is not limited to a fixed scheme or to a training course; on the contrary, we provide also constant support in all stages:

  • from the collection of the required documents for the relocation,
  • to the first invoice issuing,
  • through the strategic plan to grow your business.

All this makes the difference for my clients, who only need to take care of their own job, while I allow them to do an even better job as personal assistant in this land of opportunities..

Why You Should Contact me?

Because what I’ll do for you, I already did it for myself in the past when I decided to move to Dubai. I can now tell you that my decision to move to Dubai was the right decision.

My task is simply to make your choice easier.

As a woman and mother- before being a professional- I perfectly know all the fears that may arise from such an important choice, and also those little problems (that sometimes may seem so big) concerning the relocation.

What am I talking about?

Let’s talk about a particular case: one of my clients contacted me. He received all the legal, financial and practical information for the emigration so that he considered carefully the proposal and understood the advantages coming from the relocation.

And then? Then doubts followed: “How will I find a house?”; “How my children will move into a new school?”; “Are pets allowed?”; “Household cleaning service… who shall I trust?”.

I could go on with an endless list of questions, because besides being understandable doubts this is my day-to-day activity, and I like to say that “All relocations are similar and yet all are different”.

This is why it is very important that the professional who will take care of you, of your business, if you are an entrepreneur, and of your family, if you are not planning to move by your own, needs to be familiar with all the variables that will play a role in your decision to move to the UAE.

I will not be alone: there will be a Team who will take care of you and will be happy to support you on the path from your “home” to your new “home”.

Contact us without any commitment for more information:

Our services

Outsourcing Service

Dedicated to companies. These kind of service affect from A to Z all the delicate and fundamental issues relating to the relocation and establishment of start-up companies.

Relocation Service

Dedicated to individuals and the families. To make the moving easier and to turn all the difficulties of a change, into a pleasant new beginning.

Extra Services - Amenities

For those who do not want to miss anything and enjoy the comfort, luxury and the pleasures of Dubai, there are exclusive and personalized services.

Dubai is waiting for you!

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